World Trade Forum 2020 | The Future of Trade Policy and External Cooperation: is Soft Power Passé?

22-23 September 2020

Trade policy is back in the centre of policy attention. Trade conflicts among major economies have been growing. Large trading powers are considering long-held trade and investment policy stances. Political pressures are increasing to induce reshoring of global value chains to enhance ‘strategic autonomy’ and to use trade as a tool to pursue non-trade objectives. Instruments to address foreign subsidization, tax the digital economy and to use trade policy to help green the economy raise the prospects of further trade tensions. This year’s World Trade Forum brings together researchers and practitioners to reflect on recent developments and opportunities to bolster trade cooperation looking forward.


Video Recording of Plenary Sessions 

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Background Papers by Session

Plenary 1: Trade and Non-Trade Policy Objectives: Soft vs. Hard Power

Panel A: China-EU-US Trade Relations: from Cooperation to Conflict… and back?

Panel B: Value Chains and Sustainability Footprints?

Plenary 2: Trade Policy &Trade Wars: Back to the Past?

The international Trading System Prostrated?
B. Hoekman and E. Zedillo | Introduction to upcoming Brookings press volume | 2021

Plenary 3: The Multilateral Trading System: Game over?

Panel C: Trade Integration and Policy Coherence

Panel D: Introducing a New Database on Investment Treaties

Plenary 4: COVID-19: Lessons for Trade Policy &Cooperation

COVID-19 Trade Policy Database: Food and Medical Products

This project is a partnership between the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies’ Global Governance Programme at the European University Institute, the University of St. Gallen’s Global Trade Alert initiative, and the Trade and Regional Integration unit of the World Bank Group
Find data, maps and methodology on trade policy changes affecting medical and food products since the beginning of 2020 on the project webpage here.

Import Reforms on Medical Supplies
Import Reforms on Food
Import Reforms on Medical Supplies
Export Controls on Food