The Global Governance Programme

Research Areas

Forms and Dynamics of Global Governance research area picture

Forms and Dynamics of Global Governance

Investigates patterns and dynamics of global governance. The aim is to identify conditions of success and failure.

Global Economics research area picture

Global Economics

Contributes to a better understanding of the need for multilateral economic cooperation and global governance of national economic policies for sustainable development.

Europe in the World research area picture

Europe in the World

Ties the study of Europe’s international relations and its role in international and security affairs to the central changes and challenges in world politics today.

Global Citizenship research area picture

Global Citizenship

Explores core questions of democracy by studying how states determine (and should determine) who their citizens are and who can participate in elections.

Southeastern Europe

Aims to enhance our understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural trajectories of Southeastern Europe.

GlobalStat research area picture

Knowlegde, Governance, Transformations

A database that aims to meet the need for publicly available information in a globalised world to support evidence-based analysis and informed decision-making.

Cultural Pluralism research area picture

Cultural Pluralism

Develops theoretical and policy-oriented research on the governance of cultural and religious diversity in the 21st century from multiple perspectives.