VIDEO: Pandemic-Era Trade Policies in Food and Medical Products and International Cooperation

In March 2020, the EUI Global Governance Programme launched a joint project with the University of St. Gallen’s Global Trade Alert initiative and the World Bank to monitor trade policy measures used by governments around the world to expand domestic supplies of medical and food products. So far, 6 weekly reports have been posted. These data reveal the active use of trade policy instruments by more than 80 countries.  

This webinar, held on 5 June 2020, presented findings to date and discussed regional dimensions of the trade policy dynamics, what is happening on the ground and the role of international cooperation in attenuating spillover effects of national trade-related policies.

Find weekly updates of the project database and maps on our project web page.



Caroline Freund | Global Director, Trade, Investment and Competitiveness, World Bank
Eduardo Pedrosa | Secretary-General, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, Singapore
Frank Matsaert | CEO, TradeMark East Africa, Nairobi
Mauricio Moreira | Chief Economist, Integration and Trade Group, Inter-American Development Bank
Bernard Hoekman | Director, Global Economics, Global Governance Programme, EUI