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Small Firms Foreign Direct Investments in Developing Countries and the Potential Role of Investment Attraction Agencies

Executive Training Seminar

26-28 October 2015

The Executive Training Seminar discussed the role of inward foreign direct investments (FDI) in developing and emerging countries, with a particular focus on those of small medium enterprises (SMEs). Attention was also paid to domestic and international policies driving capital in the host market, and to new forms of private-public partnership (PPP) between foreign and domestic enterprises (particularly useful for middle income countries). The potential role of Investment Attraction Agencies in selected countries was emphasised. Survey data for developing countries will be presented and discussed, as well as policy implications of different scenarios.

The Executive Training Seminar offered a combination of theoretical presentations, case studies and best practices. Participants were enabled to improve their understanding of the channels of transmission of FDI on the local economy and on the society, their regulatory framework and policies maximising host countries’ attractiveness and competitiveness in order to enhance the long term developmental impact of foreign investments. They analysed the differences (in motivations but also in impact on the receiving countries) between investments from Multinational Enterprises and Small Medium firms.




Pauline Angoso | Proparco, France

Mina Baliamoune Lutz | University of North Florida, United States

Andrea Goldstein | Nomisma, Italy

Christine Oughton | SOAS, United Kingdom

Vijaya Ramachandran | Center for Global Development, United States

Adnan Seric | UNIDO, Austria





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