Santeramo, Fabio

Marie Curie Fellow

    Biographical note

    Fabio Santeramo, PhD, is Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Foggia and MSCA Research Fellow at the European University Institute. Santeramo coordinates two major projects on the links between the Agri-food Sector, Trade and Environmental Policies, and on the effects of Climate Change, Trade and Economic Inequalities.
    He is coordinating the MedECC Special Report on Climate-Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems nexus.
    Currently serving as a member of the Executive Committee of the IATRC, his works focus on agricultural markets, trade and policies, and have been published on top-field journals.

    Fields of interest

    • Trade policy
    • International trade
    • Agricultural economics
    • Agricultural policy

    Selected publications

    Santeramo, F.G., Lamonaca E. (2019) The effects of non-tariff measures on agri-food trade: a review and meta-analysis of empirical evidence. Journal of Agricultural Economics. 70(3), 595–617

    Santeramo, F.G. (2019) I Learn, you Learn, we Gain: Experience in Crop Insurance Markets. Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy. 41(2), 284–304

    Lence, S.H., Moschini, G., Santeramo, F.G. (2018) Threshold Cointegration and Spatial Price Transmission when Expectations Matter. Agricultural Economics 49(1):25-39

    Santeramo, F.G., Goodwin, B.K., Adinolfi, F., Capitanio, F. (2016) Farmer Participation, Entry and Exit decisions in the Italian Crop Insurance Program. Journal of Agricultural Economics. 67(3), 639–657

    Santeramo F.G., Cioffi A. (2012) The entry price threshold in EU agriculture: deterrent or barrier? Journal of Policy Modeling. 34: 691-704.