Molho, Jérémie

Marie Curie Fellow

    Working languages: French, English, Turkish, Arabic

    Jeremie Molho is Marie Curie Fellow at the Cultural Pluralism Research Area of the Global Governance Program (GGP). From 2019 to 2021, he was Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore. He received his BA in Middle Eastern studies and MA in urban studies from Sciences Po Paris, and his PhD in geography (2016) from the University of Angers, France.

    Jeremie’s research focuses on globalization, cultural policies and diversity governance in cities. He conducted research on the globalization of art markets in Istanbul, Singapore, Doha and Hong Kong, and his recent research explores Singapore and Doha’s cultural policies and diversity management regimes, mobilizing visual and video-based methods.

    From 2016 to 2019, as Research Associate at the GGP, Jeremie co-created five Massive Open Online Courses, still running on FutureLearn: Cultural Heritage and the City, Cultures and Identities in Europe, Cultural Diversity and the City, Cultural Diplomacy, Culture in the Digital Age.

    Research Interests

    • Cultural policies: transnational circulation of urban cultural policy models, digitalization of culture and heritage
    • Globalizing art markets: Emerging hub cities and art districts in Asia and the Middle East
    • Urban diversity governance: Urban diversity planning, processes of cultural inclusion and exclusion of urban minorities and migrants

    Selected Publications

    • Molho, J. (2021). Becoming Asia’s art market hub: comparing Singapore and Hong Kong. In Arts 10 (2)
    • Molho, J. (2021). Putting the city on the world art map: star curators and nation branding. International journal of politics, culture, and society34(4), 455-470.
    • Molho, J., Levitt, P., Dines, N., & Triandafyllidou, A. (2020). Cultural policies in cities of the ‘global South’: a multi-scalar approach. International journal of cultural policy26(6), 711-721.
    • Molho, J. (2020). Modelling diversity: cultural district policies in Doha and Singapore. International Journal of Cultural Policy26(6), 740-755.
    • Molho, J., (2019), Toward the Progressive Scene: Creative Activists in Marseille and Istanbul, in Douglass, M., Garbaye, R., Ho, K.C., Progressive Cities in East and West, Springer books, Singapore, pp. 169-183
    • Molho, J. (2018) La circulation transnationale du modèle du district artistique. Le cas des Gillman Barracks à Singapour, [The Transnational Circulation of the Art District Model. The Case of Gillman Barracks in Singapore] Riurba – Revue Internationale d’Urbanisme, 6.
    • Molho, J., Sagot-Duvauroux, D., (2017) ‘From Global to Local creative dynamics: The Location Patterns of Art Galleries’ in. Chapain, C., Stryjakiewicz, T. (Eds.), Creative industries: Drivers for new sectoral and spatial dynamics, Springer book, 43-64.
    • Molho, J. (2016) La globalisation du marché de l’art par le bas: diffusion des art walk à Istanbul [The Globalization of the Art Market from Below: The Diffusion of Art Walks in Istanbul], Géographie et Culture, 97, 15-38
    • Molho, J. (2015). The soft power of framing: constructing Istanbul as a regional art centre. European Journal of Turkish Studies. Social Sciences on Contemporary Turkey, 21.
    • Molho, J. 2014 ‘Territorialisation d’un marché de l’art émergent : le cas d’Istanbul’ [Territorialization of an Emerging Art Market: The Case of Istanbul], Belgéo, 19(03)