Magazzini, Tina

Research Associate

    (GREASE )

    Tina Magazzini is a Research Associate at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Global Governance Programme. Previously to joining the European University Institute, she worked as Programme Officer at UNESCO’s Regional Office for Southern Africa, where she focused on knowledge-production on migration and on the Management of Social Transformations (MOST) programme (2017-2018). Tina holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Florence (2007), a MA in International Relations from the City College of New York (2011) and a PhD in Human Rights from the University of Deusto (2018). She carried out her PhD as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at the University of Deusto, with a secondment at the University of Sussex, in the framework of the INTEGRIM programme (Integration and International Migration). Within the Working Package on “Identity and Cultural Integration” she conducted a comparative analysis of Italy and Spain’s Roma integration strategies questioning the political dynamics which drive the framing of certain minorities as ‘in need to integrate’.

    Outside academia, over the past years she has worked with a number of NGOs and International Organizations in the fields of social inclusion and minority rights in the United States, Guatemala, Belgium, Hungary, the Basque Country and Zimbabwe. She conducted research for the European Commission and the Council of Europe and participated as an external expert to the Global Forum for Migration and Development in 2016 and 2017.

    Her work was awarded the Weston Scholarship for Public Service by the City College of New York (2011), the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship by the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research (2016), the Social Impact Award by the Marie Curie Alumni Association and the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Seal of Excellence (2018).

    Research Interests

    Her research interests include comparative methods, migration and integration policies, identity politics and the relationship between majorities, minorities and states. Her current research focuses on the models of religious governance in a comparative perspective, particularly in Southern Europe.  


    Book and Special Issue

    Magazzini, T., Piemontese, S. (eds.), Constructing Roma Migrants: European Narratives and Local Governance, IMISCOE Book series, Springer, 2018. Winner of the 2016 IMISCOE book competition.

    Magazzini, T., Morondo Taramundi, D. (eds.), Identity and Cultural Integration, The Age of Human Rights Journal, No. 7, 2016.

    Journal Articles

    Magazzini, T., What’s in a name? Causes and consequences of labeling minorities as ‘national’ or ‘migrant’: Roma in Italy and Spain, International Migration, Vol.56, pp. 203-220, 2018.

    Magazzini, T., Making the most of super-diversity. Notes on the potential of a new approach, Policy & PoliticsVol.45, No. 4, pp. 527-545, 2017.

    Magazzini, T., Cultural institutions as a combat sport. Reflections on the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, The Age of Human Rights Journal, No. 7, pp. 50-76, 2016.

    Magazzini, T., Piemontese, S., ‘Roma’ migration in the EU: the case of Spain between ‘new’ and ‘old’ minorities, Migration Letters, Vol.13, No.2, pp. 228-241, 2016.

    Magazzini, T., Piemontese, S. (2015), Modèles de gestion de la diversité en Europe et migrations roms: le cas espagnol, Confluences Méditerranée, Vol.93, No.2, L’Harmattan, pp. 51-62, 2015.

    Book Chapters

    Magazzini T., Integration as an Essentially Contested Concept: Questioning the Assumptions behind the National Roma Integration Strategies of Italy and Spain. In: Hinger S., Schweitzer R. (eds), Politics of (Dis)Integration. IMISCOE Research Series. Springer, 2020.

    Magazzini, T., Chiozza, E., Rossi, M., Conformism or Inadequacy of Roma Inclusion Policies? Missed opportunities at the European and Local Levels, in Magazzini, T. and Piemontese, S. (eds.), Constructing Roma Migrants: European Narratives and Local Governance, IMISCOE Book Series, Springer, 2019.

    Piemontese, S. and Magazzini, T., Roma Westward Migration in Europe: Rethinking Political, Social, and Methodological Challenges, in Magazzini, T. and Piemontese, S. (eds.), Constructing Roma Migrants: European Narratives and Local Governance, IMISCOE Book Series, Springer, 2019.

    Magazzini, T., When regional inclusion outperforms the state. The case of the Spanish Basque Country, in Lāce, A. (ed.), Newcomer Integration in Europe: Best Practices and Innovations in Response to 2015 Crisis, FEPS, 2018.

    Reports, working papers and policy papers

    UNESCO, 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report Migration, Displacement and Education: Building bridges not walls, 2019.

    Eusko Ikaskuntza, Green Book Cohesión y Solidariedad: Libro Verde del (de los) territorio(s) de Vasconia, 2018.

    Magazzini, T., In Varietate Concordia? Roma identity and integration in EU imagined communities, Integrim online papers, No. 7, 2014.

    Blog posts, MOOCs, video and dissemination

    Massive Online Open Course, Religion, Radicalisation, Resilience. GREASE project, 2019.

    Massive Online Open Course, Governing Religion: European Challenges and Asian Approaches, GREASE project, 2019.

    Short video ‘A Coney Island of the Mind’ selected among the Film Geographies shorts screened at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers, New Orleans, April 2018 and used to open the Migrating Out of Poverty: from Evidence to Policy conference, London, March 2017.

    Magazzini, T., Same-same but different: what can superdiversity offer that multiculturalism cannot?, Policy & Politics Blog, December 2017.

    Magazzini, T., Memorie dal sottosuolo. I rifugiati nei bunker di Ginevra, Walking on The South (WOTS), November 2016.

    Video contribution to the Working Group on Diaspora and Migrants event Global Diaspora Day: telling different stories on migration, European Commission, Brussels, June 2016.

    Participation in the collaborative project between the University of Deusto’s Human Rights Istitute, Doctors of the World and the Association Ignacio Ellacuria, Con la cámara a cuestas: miradas de mujer, Sala Rekalde, Ellacuria Foundation and University of Deusto, 2014.