Voluntary Sustainability Standards

This projects reflects on the phenomenon of private transnational governance and in particular on Voluntary Sustainability Standards and their role for trade and sustainable development. This projects includes several collaborations with the International Trade Centre and the United Nation Forum on Sustainability Standards as well as with leading scholars in the field.




Social and environmental standards : contributing to more sustainable value chains, Matteo Fiorini,  Philip Schlifer, Olga Solleder, Regina Taimasova, Marion Jansen, Joseph Wozniak,  Bernard Hoekman

Social and environmental standards: From fragmentation to coordination, International Trade Centre, Matteo Fiorini,  Philip Schlifer, Regina Taimasova

Voluntary Sustainability Standards, Trade and Sustainable Development, United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards 


2021 Academic Advisory Council Annual Meeting: Research Frontiers on the Adoption, Impact and Effectiveness of VSS, UNFSS