Global Initiative on the Future of the Internet – GIFI

The importance of Open Internet and human-centred digital transition, as drivers of development, have been acknowledged by the EU and its partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. But this vision is being challenged by competing ideas of closed technical, economic and social approaches to internet governance that threaten its integrity and its global and open nature. The Declaration for the Future of the Internet provides a proactive solution designed by worldwide partners to establish a positive agenda for the future of the Internet, and addresses concerns about emerging approaches that may lead to Internet fragmentation, understood broadly, and endanger the open Internet. Through a mix of policy support, research and outreach activities with carefully selected target groups, coupled with peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and engagement, the Action aims to contribute to promoting the Declaration for the Future of the Internet (DFI), and support the implementation of its principles in a multi-stakeholder and rights-based approach.

The GIFI project, based at the Global Governance Programme of the Schuman Centre, will host research and policy workshops as well as produce research outputs of different formats. It will also establish a Network of DFI Supporters (NODS) bringing together the private sector, civil society organisations, research institutes and the technical community at a regional and global level.


Coordinator: Patryk Pawlak

Group members: Stephanie Hoffman, Raquel Jorge Ricart, Nils Berglund