Global Extremes and Religious Diversity Booklet

The EU-funded GREASE and BRaVE projects seek to unravel some of the most critical issues of our times. A research and innovation action, GREASE investigates governance of religious diversity and religion as a factor in radicalisation. BRaVE is a coordination and support action exploring polarisation and radicalisation more generally. While BRaVE focuses on Europe, GREASE compares developments in multiple cultures on different continents. Both projects emphasise strategies for fostering resilience.
In order to address challenges associated with radicalisation and religious diversity, it helps to understand how different regions around the world deal with them. With this in mind, the GREASE and BRaVE projects bring together academics and stakeholders from many parts of the world. Together, we are learning how countries respond to polarisation and violent extremism, how they approach the task of governing religious diversity and how they go about building resilience.

Our overall goal is to help societies become more effective at countering violent radicalisation while upholding fundamental rights.

This booklet provides an overview of some of the work being carried out by these separate but related projects, both of which are coordinated by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute.