European Security: Old Trends and New Realities

October 22, 2018 all-day Europe/Rome Timezone

Scientific Coordinators:

Prof. Ulrich Krotz | European University Institute

Dr. Richard Maher | European University Institute

Dr. Robin Markwica | European University Institute


This Executive Training Seminar will examine the broad range of security risks and challenges currently facing the European Union (EU) and its member states. Europe’s security environment is increasingly complex and uncertain. Some of the challenges that the EU encounters today are ones that it has faced for many decades, such as concern over Russia’s power and intentions and the credibility of the U.S. security commitment to European defense. Others are of more recent vintage, such as Arctic security, spillover effects from the “arc of instability” that runs along the EU’s southern and southeastern borders, and how best to deter potential Russian encroachment in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Bringing together academic specialists, policymakers, and think tank experts, this three-day seminar offers an in-depth overview of the scale and scope of the security challenges facing Europe. It outlines possible measures that the EU and its member states could take to address these challenges. Topics include EU initiatives to build independent security and defense capabilities, and appraisals of the various security risks and threats facing the EU’s northern, southern, and eastern flanks, respectively. Through presentations, case studies, and simulations, attendees will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of how security risks in Europe could evolve, combine, and interact, and the policy responses that will be needed to manage the forces at play.


Draft programme




Dr. Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer | German Marshall Fund, France
Prof. Raffaella Del Sarto | SAIS Europe and European University Institute, Italy
Prof. Ulrich Krotz | European University Institute, Italy
Dr. Jon Kyst | European External Action Service, Belgium
Tomáš Valášek | Carnegie Europe, Belgium
Prof. Page Wilson | University of Iceland, Iceland



Executive Training Seminars at the Academy of Global Governance are free of charge. Participants are expected, however, to bear the costs of their travel and accommodation themselves. In order to apply for participation, please fill in the application form before 14 October 2018.

For applicants from the LDCs (as defined by the United Nations) there is a limited number of merit-based scholarships available. Please include a motivation letter in your application. Deadline for scholarship requests: 7 October 2018.