Evaluation of human resources management in the Western Balkans

For the period 2023-2026, the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) will develop, design and deliver capacity-building programmes, conduct surveys and other activities in the thematic area ‘Human resources management and professional development’. ReSPA members have invested in their efforts to increase the professionalisation of the civil service, but there is still much work to be done. The thematic area of human resources management and professional development has also been affected in the last couple of years by the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalisation processes, the use of artificial intelligence, innovation and modernisation in various HR areas, etc. ReSPA’s focus will remain on merit-based recruitment and performance appraisal, but there are other areas that also need to be addressed from the perspectives of innovation and digitalisation, from the point of view of the ageing workforce, workforce planning and forecasting, agile management etc.

Strengthening leadership skills in the public service of the Western Balkans remains an issue that needs to be addressed in the future. In public administration, good leadership is crucial to building and maintaining a strong and resilient organisation that can properly perform its important duties for society. To this end, support will be provided in the development of agile leaders, learning about innovation leadership and innovation culture, understanding the ageing workforce and generational solidarity; inclusion and diversity, teleworking and the deployment of digital skills. The focus will also be placed on fostering integrity in public administration in cooperation with regional organisations dealing with this topic. The exchange of experience, not only among the Western Balkans administrations but also with the institutions/schools in the EU member states, and learning about the ongoings as well as new trends in the area of HR is important. The ambition of ReSPA in this thematic area is to strengthen the capacities of the senior civil servants of ReSPA members, equipping them with skills to deal with the HRMPD, but also create a driving force which will lead to future changes in this area in the Western Balkans.


Coordinators or Principal Investigators: Erik Jones