EU-Asia Project

Asia map in a bookThe EU-Asia project is an ambitious research and educational endeavour located at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSC), European University Institute (EUI). Our core objectives are to enhance education, while contributing to the academic and policy debates on the international politics and economics of the Asia-Pacific writ large. The project provides a vibrant forum of mutual learning between Europe and the Indo-Pacific, with particular attention to relations between Europe and Japan.

As the so-called Indo-Pacific occupies an increasingly important place in EU policy, the project brings invaluable regional expertise to the EUI’s flagship Global Governance Programme (GGP), in turn facilitating policy dialogue with the EU.

The main lines of the project: education and research 

The EU-Asia Research project is part of the ‘Europe in the World’ pillar of the Global Governance Programme (GGP). The project has three strands: education, research and policy engagement. The project leaders are  responsible for implementing a consistent academic programme on EU-Asia affairs; for delivering courses at Masters level in the School of transnational Governance (STG) and doctoral and post-doctoral seminars in the GGP; for developing and leading academic and policy research in EU-Asia relations; for promoting the integration research with other research fields within the Schuman Centre; and for maintaining a high national and international profile of publications in books and in internationally recognised journals. The project will ensure the fulfilment of high scientific standards and the outstanding quality of all these activities.

Activities of the EUI Asia project

  • Development and delivery of courses on the Asia Pacific writ large, and EU-Asia relations
  • Policy-oriented research including dialogue with the world of practice
  • Fund-raising for additional EU-Asia related activities
  • Collaboration with other centres of research excellence
  • Collaboration with members of the academic community at the RSC and the EUI at large
  • Create an environment for EU-Asia studies at the EUI, including a fellows and visitors programme for Japanese and other Asian scholars
  • Engagement with executive training activities

Project leaders: Prof. Ken Endo and Dr. Giulio Pugliese

Team: Chien-Huei Wu



YouTube channel of the project.