Addressing Rising Antisemitism in Europe

Antisemitism in Europe

Antisemitism is on the rise across Europe. Age-old racist Antisemitism and conspiracy theories join Antisemitism stemming from an import of the Middle East conflict into Europe, holding Jews in Europe as proxy. Four antisemitic incidents per day are recorded in Germany and the UK, three per day in France. While the Jewish community has perceived a rising threat over more than the past decade, the general public seems largely ignorant of these developments.

The Policy Workshop

On 23-24 April 2018, the Robert Schuman Centre held a policy workshop on ‘Addressing Rising Antisemitism in Europe’ discussing ways to increase the acknowledgment of Antisemitism as a societal problem. The workshop, hosted by the European Commission Coordinator on Combatting Antisemitism Katharina Schnurbein, brought together 45 participants, policy makers and scholars as well as representatives from the Jewish and the Muslim communities. Under the motto “No elephants in the room” they examined effective ways to address the various ways Antisemitism is being expressed in Western and Eastern Europe, in the middle of society as well as from within the Muslim community.

The seminar included a visit to Synagogue of Florence where participants were informed by a local Iman and the President of the Jewish community about the very good relationship between the Muslim and Jewish community and how they had developed them.

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Addressing Rising Antisemitism in Europe