Cultural Diversity and the City – New Online Course in October

‘Cultural Diversity and the City’ is one of the free online courses developed by the Cultural Pluralism research area of the Global Governance Programme (GGP). The three-week-long course, starting on 21 October, is for anyone interested in the cultures of cities, but will be of particular interest to those working in the arts, culture and heritage. It will investigate both ‘old’ and ‘new’ diversities in city heritage in four different continents.

Taught by Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou, previously the director of the Cultural Pluralism research area of the GGP and Jeremie Mohlo, research associate at the European University Institute, the course will cover the following topics:

  • Contested heritage in cities
  • Protecting, preserving and transforming a diverse cultural heritage
  • Turning urban cultural diversity into an asset
  • Labelling/ Branding cities and their heritage
  • Cultural city networks
  • Cities as hubs for the creative economy

Understand the importance of cultural diversity to the thriving city!

Cities all over the world have embraced cultural and religious diversity, creating unique heritages. This course will look at cities with a divisive heritage (Bristol as a slave port) and a post-migration heritage (such as Cologne in Germany). It will also study major post-colonial urban centres and how they used cultural diversity to revitalise inner city areas. Finally, the course will consider those cities that turn diversity into a branding tool, like Singapore or Doha.

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