Chalcraft, Jasper

Research Associate

    Fields of interest: Heritage; cultural rights; migration and cultural inclusion; peacebuilding; music festivals; Brazil; Italy; Libya; Tanzania.

    Dr Jasper Chalcraft is a Research Associate in the RSC. He is currently working on a project called Heritage Contact Zone (HCZ).

    His previous work focused on heritage and the cultural inclusion of migrants and minorities within Europe. His project, Heritages of Dissent: how migrants and minorities negotiate Europe’s plural pasts, explored this through a focus on Europe’s difficult pasts, in particular the representational politics surrounding the colonial pasts of the UK and Italy.

    As an anthropologist working across a number of fieldsites – from rural Tanzania to urban São Paulo – his work tries to understand what contemporary ‘heritage-making’ means for local communities on the ground. The transnational and more experiential aspects of identity-making are something he is currently investigating as co-director of the research project Being/Becoming African in Brazil: migrating musics and heritages (with Rose Hikiji of the University of São Paulo).

    He is also a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Sociology at Sussex University (UK), where he worked previously on a Horizon 2020 funded project, CulturalBase, investigating cultural heritage and European identity. In the project academic research concerning cultural memory, social inclusion and cultural creativity were co-investigated with stakeholders, and this ‘social platform’ helped develop new research agendas and policy recommendations for the European Commission. Issues of culture and identity were something he also explored as a researcher on the EU-funded Eurofestival project, where he focused on the role of music festivals in helping create a cultural public sphere.

    Heritage rights is a theme that runs through his work, with a particular focus on how heritage is used as a peacebuilding tool in processes of rebuilding post-conflict societies, something he explored as project manager for the University of Leicester’s Cultural Heritage and Peacebuilding project.


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