Globalcit Webinar on Citizenship Revocation: Comparative Perspectives and Challenges

September 22, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Europe/Rome Timezone
Valentina Bettin

In many countries across the world, citizenship revocation policies are back on the political agenda. While states have always had the power to revoke citizenship based on wide-ranging grounds, stripping persons of their citizenship is increasingly deployed by states as a counter-terrorism and deportation tool. Citizenship legislation is also used to exclude communities and restrict rights in the context of contestation of borders and national identity.

This webinar addresses the challenges that this revival raises for the study of citizenship as a secure and equal membership in a state. What is new about citizenship revocation practices? If citizenship can be, and is, more easily revoked by state authorities, does this imply a new conditional form of membership? How well can practices be compared between contexts? And, finally, how to ensure that international law obligations of states apply to all relevant situations in which states take or consider taking steps to deprive a person of citizenship as a national security measure.

The webinar brings together academics and practitioners in an effort to reflect both on the concrete policy implications of citizenship stripping and on its theoretical significance. The webinar takes a comparative perspective on this topic, with contributions that do not limit their focus to Western contexts.

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Organiser: Maarten Peter Vink (EUI – R.Schuman Center)