Corrupt citizenship: citizenship sanctions and the transforming functions of criminal law

June 8, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Europe/Rome Timezone
Sala Triaria, Villa Schifanoia
Alessandra Caldini
This Global Citizenship Seminar Series will host a presentation by Milena Tripkovic
The paper introduces and develops the notion of citizenship sanctions, a presently undefined category of legal restrictions that are prompted by a criminal act, but which deviate substantially from conventional types of punishment. The key trait of citizenship sanctions, the most important of which is citizenship revocation, is that they seek to censure traits of character of the offender, rather than their act: through certain legal norms, such sanctions target offenders in their special role as citizens, thereby playing a decisive role in constructing a virtue-based version of liberal citizenship. Such merger of criminal law with citizenship norms whereby criminal law is ill-used to construct and uphold the moral boundaries of a given political community, signals a notable transformation of its key functions, which gives demands serious normative scrutiny.

Speaker(s): Milena Tripkovic (Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh)