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Luca Rubini

Robert Schuman Fellow (2012-13) and Research Associate (2013-15),
Global Economics Research Area




Research project

Regulating Climate Change Subsidies: Case, Challenges and Features of a Law Reform

Biographical note

Luca Rubini is reader (associate professor) in international economic law and deputy director of the Institute of European Law at Birmingham Law School. He served as référendaire (law clerk) with Advocate General Jacobs at the European Court of Justice. Luca has held visiting positions at the European University Institute, the Institute of International Economic Law (Georgetown), the World Trade Institute (University of Berne) and Bocconi University. He is a fellow of the Centre of European Law, King’s College London, and visiting professor at ASERI (Catholic University, Milan). Dr Rubini has law degrees from the Catholic University, Milan (JD) and King’s College London (MA, PhD).

Research interests

Rubini’s main research interest lies in subsidy law and policy and more generally in the governance of regulation. In this regard he published the book The Definition of Subsidy and State Aid – WTO Law and EC Law in Comparative Perspective (Oxford University Press, 2009). At the GGP, Rubini is mainly working on a project on the governance of climate change subsidies in the WTO which will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2014. In particular, he is assessing the case, challenges and features of a renewed normative and institutional arrangement securing an appropriate policy space for government measures in support of the green economy. A ‘roadmap’ of some of the issues and initial findings of this research have appeared in “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More. Subsidies for Renewable Energy, the SCM Agreement, Policy Space and Law Reform” (2012) Journal of International Economic Law, and “Who’ll stop the rain? Allocating Emissions Allowances for Free: Environmental Policy, Economics and WTO Subsidy Law (2012) Transnational Environmental Law (with Ingrid Jegou).