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Jérémie Molho

Version 2Research Associate, Cultural Pluralism

Email: jeremie.molho@eui.eu 

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 985  




Biographical Note

Jeremie Molho is a research associate at the cultural pluralism research area of the global governance program, as part of the Cultural Base project. He received a BA in Middle Eastern studies and MA in urban studies from Sciences Po Paris and completed his PhD in geography in 2016 at the University of Angers. His dissertation analyzed the emergence of cities as new centres of the global art market. He conducted fieldworks in Istanbul, Singapore and Hong Kong.

He taught various courses ranging from economic geography, to urban sociology and statistics, at the undergraduate and masters level at the University of Angers, Sciences Po Paris and the University of Cergy-Pontoise. He is now taking part in the creation of a MOOC at the EUI.

Research interests 

Cultural heritage, globalization of the art market, cultural policies, urban governance, cultural diversity


French, English, Italian, Turkish, Arabic

Selected Publications

  • MOLHO, J. (Forthcoming) « Mise aux normes et promotion internationale de la scène artistique d’Istanbul : l’émergence d’un système galeriste-curateur » [Normalization and International Promotion of Istanbul Art Scene; The Emergence of a Gallery-Curator System] Anatoli CNRS Editions
  • MOLHO, J., SAGOT-DUVAUROUX, D., (Forthcoming) ‘From Global to Local creative dynamics: The Location Patterns of Art Galleries’ in. Chapain, C., Stryjakiewicz, T. (Eds.), Creative industries: Drivers for new sectoral and spatial dynamics, Springer book
  • ANGEY, A. MOLHO, J. (2016) A Critical Approach to Soft Power: Grasping Contemporary Turkey’s Influence in the world, European Journal of Turkish Studies[Online].
  • MOLHO, J. (2016) The Soft Power of framing: Constructing Istanbul as a Regional Art Centre, European Journal of Turkish Studies [Online]
  • MOLHO, J. 2014 ‘Territorialisation d’un marché de l’art émergent : le cas d’Istanbul’ [Territorialization of an Emerging Art Market: The Case of Istanbul],Belgéo 2014-3, 16p.
  • KHEDIRA, H., MOLHO, J. (2014), ‘Carthage ou le projet urbain introuvable: Analyse des politiques de développement et de préservation du site archéologique’ [Carthage and the Missing Urban Project: Analysis of the policies of development and preservation of the archeological Site], in. Ph. San Marco ; G. Djament (coord.) La métropolisation de la culture et du patrimoine [The Metropolization of Culture and Heritage], Le Manuscrit, Paris, pp. 283-303.
  • CHESNEL S., MOLHO J., MORTEAU H., RAIMBEAU F. (2012), « Les clusters ou districts industriels du domaine culturel et médiatique, revue du savoir économique et questionnement », [Industrial Clusters and Districts in the Cultural and Media Field, Review of the Economic Knowledge and Questions] Report for the Department of Studies, Forecasting and Statistics, Ministries of Culture of France, July 2012, 58p.