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Nadav Kedem

KedemNadavMax Weber/GGP Fellow

University of Haifa




Biographical Note

Nadav Kedem holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Haifa (Israel). His dissertation focuses on status-seeking, mostly in the context of German foreign policy after the Cold War. After completing his PhD, Nadav was a visiting scholar at the Hebrew University and the Bundeswehr University (Munich).

His research interests include the study of status as a major motivation shaping states’ foreign policy, focusing on reunified Germany, as well as European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Dr. Kedem is involved in various research projects, such as the investigation of status and French foreign policy (together with Dr. Gadi Heimann), and another project dealing with political psychology in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (a project led by Prof. Daphna Canetti).

During his PhD studies, Nadav has served as a Neubauer Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). At the INSS, he focused on EU-Israeli relations as a part of a large project commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Research Project

Status-Seeking by European Powers

Status (and related terms) as a motivation shaping foreign policy is a much neglected topic in International Relations (IR), tough it is highly prevalent in historical accounts. Various conceptual and methodological hurdles prohibited the development of a social science research agenda of this fuzzy concept. However, various developments in social sciences facilitate better understanding of status in IR. The project integrates many of these developments into IR in an attempt to better understand, identify and predict status-seeking policies of major European powers after the end of the Cold War.