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Naoko Hosokawa

Max Weber Canon Fellow

Email: naoko.hosokawa@eui.eu

Tel: (+39)-055-4685-704 (ext: 2704) 




Biographical Note

Naoko Hosokawa is a sociolinguist and her main research involves media discourse analysis on the question of national and regional identities in Asia and Europe. She holds a PhD in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford (2015). She has previously been an invited researcher at the French Network for Asian Studies, CNRS France and Fondation France-Japon, EHESS Paris. Her recent publications include articles in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Myths in Crisis – The Crisis of Myth, Irish Journal of Asian Studies, and Synergy in Communication. At the EUI, she works on a comparative study of regional identities in Europe and Asia through the textual analysis of contemporary media in the U.K. and Japan.

Research interests 

Cultural heritage, globalization of the art market, cultural policies, urban governance, cultural diversity

Selected Publications

  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2017. “The Notion of ‘West’ in Contemporary Japan: A Sociolinguistic Perspective”, Synergy Journal of the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication (Peer reviewed). Bucharest: Bucharest University of Economic Studies.
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2017. “Calligraphy as a pedagogical tool for teaching the Japanese writing”. Entendre, chanter, voir et se mouvoir. Réflexion sur les supports utilisés dans la classe de langue (Hearing, Singing, Seeing and Moving: Reflections on the Use of Teaching Aids in Language Learning) (Peer reviewed) ed. Odile Racine, 69-77. Paris: Edition des Archives contemporaines.
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2016. “Commemorating Regional and National Identity: Discourse on ‘Asia’ in Contemporary Japan”. The Irish Journal of Asian Studies (Peer reviewed). Cork: University College Cork 2, 47-62.
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2015. The Outside Within: National Language and Identity in Japanese Contemporary Discourse on Gairaigo (Doctoral thesis). Oxford University Bodleian Library (Aleph System Number: 020488774).
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2015. “Language as Myth: Reinvented Belief in the Spirit of Language in Japan”. In Myths in Crisis: The Crisis of Myth (Peer reviewed), eds. Losada José Manuel and Lipscomb, Antonella, 379-388. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2015. “Nationalism and Linguistic Purism in Contemporary Japan: National Sentiment Expressed through Public Attitudes towards Foreignisms”. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (Peer reviewed) 15/1, 48-65. New York: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2015. “Language and National Identity in Contemporary Japan:

‘Otherness Within’ Expressed in the Discourse on Foreign Loanwords”. Carnet de Chercheur, Fondation France Japon de l’EHESS Paris.

  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2014. “Horizontally written letters: Japanese debates on loanwords”. Oxford University Press Blog.
  • Hosokawa, Naoko. 2014. “Kotodama: the multi-faced Japanese myth of the spirit of language”. Oxford University Press Blog.
  • Komine, Ayako & Hosokawa, Naoko. 2012. “The Japanese New History Textbook Controversy”. Free Speech Debates. Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom, St Antony’s College/European Studies Centre, University of Oxford.