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Ruth Wodak


Robert Schuman/GGP Fellow

Lancaster University

Email: ruth.wodak@eui.eu
Tel. [+39] 055 4685 910   

Period: April – June 2016

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Research project

Recontextualising Social Solidarity in Times of Financial Crisis.

Ruth Wodak’s research will focus on new developments of immigration and security policies and their influences on the emerging radical right wing populist rhetoric – possibly but not only as response and reaction to the economic crisis since 2008 and the absence of “European solidarity”. More specifically, various stereotypes and their reproduction in a range of public and semi-public spheres in relationship to Antisemitism and Islamophobia as well as anti- Ziganism  will be investigated.


Biographical Note

Ruth Wodak is Emerita Distinguished Professor of Discourse Studies at Lancaster University, UK and affiliated to the University of Vienna (currently as PI of a funded 3-year project on the Discursive Construction of National Identities- Austria 2015). Besides many other prizes, she was awarded the Wittgenstein Prize for Elite Researchers in 1996. 2008, she was awarded the Kerstin Hesselgren Chair of the Swedish Parliament and an Honorary Doctorate from University of Örebro in Sweden in 2010. In 2011, she was awarded the Grand Decoration in Silver for Services for the Austrian Republic. She is Past-President of the Societas Linguistica Europea, and member of the British Academy of Social Sciences and the Academia Europea.

Recent book publications include The Politics of Fear (2015); The discourse of politics in action: ‘Politics as Usual’ (Palgrave), 2nd revised edition (2011); Migration, Identity and Belonging (with G. Delanty, P. Jones, 2011), The Discursive Construction of History. Remembering the Wehrmacht’s War of Annihilation (with H. Heer, W. Manoschek, A. Pollak, 2008), The Politics of Exclusion (with M. Krzyżanowski, 2009), Gedenken im Gedankenjahr (with R. de Cillia, 2009); The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics (with B. Johnstone and P. Kerswill); Migrations. Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Berlin: Springer (2012; with M. Messer and R. Schroeder); Critical Discourse Analysis (2013; 4 Volumes; Sage Major Works) London: Sage, Rightwing Populism across Europe: Discourse and Politics (2013; with M. KhosraviNik, B. Mral), London: Bloomsbury; and Analysing Fascism: Fascism in Talk and Text (2013; with J. Richardson), London: Routledge.