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Daniel Innerarity

Robert Schuman/GGP Fellow


 Instituto de Gobernanza Democrática



Research project

Making Democracy More Complex: How to Legitimate Democracy in a Context of Dense Interdependency 


Biographical note

Professor of Political and social Philosophy, Ikerbasque researcher at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/ EHU) and Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (globernance.org). His works mainly focuses on the cultural and political transformations of knowledge societies, on democracy and on globalization. Visiting Professor at various European and American universities. His latest books include: The transformation of politics (3rd Miguel de Unamuno Prize for essays and 2003 national Prize for Literature in the Essay category), The invisible society (Espasa Essay Prize, 2004), The new public realm, The future and its enemies, Goberning global risks (edited with Javier Solana), Internet and the future of democracy  and The democracy of knowledge (Euskadi Essay Prize 2012), all of them translated into into several languages.