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MIDAS conference: media coverage

References to MIDAS Project:

“For the first time an original research assesses the applied policies, placing the emphasis on measuring the cost and the effectivess. “[…] It is the first tool monitoring the migration policy between 2008-2013 with connection to the relation of cost-effectivess.

Xydakis, Journalist- Kathimerini, 21 October 2014


“And since the need to assess the public structures is continuously invoked, let us review here the connection between cost and results achieved: is the Greek model of managing irregular migration effective when compared to its cost? I rely on the findings of ELIAMEP’s MIDAS project”

Papaioannou, President of National Commission for Human Rights, 29 October 2014


“… data gathered for the first time by the research team and is the most comprehensive study of the cost of the irregular migration control policy.”

Aggelidis, Journalist – Efimerida Syntakton, 31 October 2014




For further media coverage see:

  • G. Spyropoulou, “Πρόγραμμα ΜΙΔΑΣ: πανάκριβη, απάνθρωπη και αποτυχημένη η αντιμεταναστευτική πολιτική”, Rednotebook, 9 November 2014, available at http://rednotebook.gr/2014/11/midas/
  • G. Liakos, “Αναποτελεσματική και σπάταλη η μεταναστευτική πολτική”, Efimerida Syntakton, 10 November 2014


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