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Global Identities. Postcolonial and Cross-cultural Narratives @ Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Firenze
Nov 22 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Is it still possible to speak about identity in a strongly globalized and contaminated context, marked by uprooting, mobility and migration? The re-emergence of nationalism reveals a new urgency concerning the sense of belonging that contradicts existing cultural hybridization. This international seminar aims to provide insights, analysis and reflections about global identity dynamics, with particular attention to cultural production, the hybridization of languages ​​and postcolonial narratives.


Valentina Gensini, Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea
Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute


Panel 1: 14:00 – 16:30 
Cosmopolitanism, Diaspora, Return of the National

Anna Triandafyllidou
The Return of the National?

Monica Sassatelli
Europe as a cosmopolitan identity

Nick Dines
City identities between the global and the national:reflections from opposite sides of the Mediterranean

Panel 2: 16:30 – 19:00
Contemporary Art in the Global and Local Dimensions

Valentina Gensini
Global Identities

Jasper Chalcraft
Diaspora artists and global identities

Jeremie Molho
Plural or fragmented? Identities in a globalising art market

Round table with exhibition curators:

GLOBAL IDENTITIES. Postcolonial and Cross-cultural Narratives
Valentina Gensini, Justin Randolph Thompson, Livia Dubon Bohlig,
Daria Filardo, Matteo Innocenti, Veronica Caciolli, Caterina Scarabicchi

To attend the international seminar, please write to info.pac@muse.comune.fi.it.


See also the event page in Italian on the Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea website.





With the contribution of Regione Toscana, ToscanaInContemporanea2018 program

Cultural Pluralism in Cities of the Global South Conference @ Villa Schifanoia
Mar 21 – Mar 23 all-day

Convenors: Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute, Florence, Italy | Prof. Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College, Boston, USA | Dr. Jeremie Molho, EUI | Dr. Nick Dines, EUI


This upcoming conference focuses on cities that are emerging (or striving to emerge) as regional centres of power in the ‘global South.’ We focus on major urban centres in Asian, African, and Latin American countries at different stages of the nation building process. We ask what terms like ‘urban’, ‘diversity’, and ‘cultural pluralism’, actually mean in these contexts. We do so by adopting a critical approach that questions official discourse, documents and policy programmes and compares them to how relevant stakeholders understand the ‘city’, the ‘nation’, and ‘the global’.  We want to unpack the power relations within the city and the ways in which the city projects itself beyond the national scale and positions itself both at a wider regional level and within global cultural hierarchies.