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Upcoming Events

Critical Heritages (CoHERE): Performing and Representing Identities in Europe @ Sala Belvedere, Villa Schifanoia
May 2 @ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

CoHERE explores the ways in which identities in Europe are constructed through heritage representations and performances that connect to ideas of place, history, tradition and belonging. The research identifies existing heritage practices and discourses in Europe. It also identifies means to sustain and transmit European heritages that are likely to contribute to the evolution of inclusive, communitarian identities and counteract disaffection with, and division within, the EU. A number of modes of representation and performance are explored in the project, from cultural policy, museum display, heritage interpretation, school curricula and political discourse to music and dance performances, food and cuisine, rituals and protest.

Work Package 2 investigates public/popular discourses and dominant understandings of a homogeneous ‘European heritage’ and the ways in which they are mobilized by specific political actors to advance their agendas and to exclude groups such as minorities from a stronger inclusion into European society. What notions of European heritage circulate broadly in the public sphere and in political discourse? How do the ‘politics of fear’ relate to such notions of European heritage and identity across and beyond Europe and the EU? How is the notion of a European heritage and memory used not only to include and connect Europeans but also to exclude some of them? We are interested in looking into the relationship between a European memory and heritage-making and circulating notions of ‘race’, ethnicity, religion and civilization as well as contemporary forms of discrimination grounded in the idea of incommensurable cultural and memory differences.



Migration Working Group-Transnationalism @ Sala Triaria, Villa Schifanoia
May 30 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm


Chair: Ester Gallo | EUI

Cross-Bordering Identities: from Migrant, through Mobile, to Cosmopolitan? A
Tale of Two Destinies within an Indian Diaspora in Europe
Sara Bonfanti | University of Bergamo

Bifocal Sedentarism: A Resolution to the Ambivalence of Migration?
Marta Bivand Erdal | PRIO

15.30-16.00 Coffee break


Critical Junctures and Transformative Events in Transnational Diaspora Politics
Maria Koinova | University of Warwick

Europeans outside Europe: How to Govern a European Diaspora?
Agnieszka Weinar | EUI

Managing Cultural Diversity in the Courtroom: a Comparative Study on Criminal
Law Cases in Italy and the UK
Paola Pannia | Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

WTO Case Law of 2016 @ Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia
Jun 14 @ 2:00 pm – Jun 15 @ 6:00 pm

This workshop undertakes a yearly analysis of all case law by the adjudicating bodies of the WTO (un-appealed Panel reports as well as Appellate Body reports). The Reporters’ Studies for 2016 will cover a wide range of WTO law ranging from classic trade in goods issues to trade in services. Each of the cases is jointly evaluated by an economist and a lawyer, both well-known experts in the field of trade law and international economics. The Reporters critically review the jurisprudence of WTO adjudicating bodies and evaluate whether the ruling ‘makes sense’ from an economic as well as legal point of view, and if not, whether the problem lies in the interpretation of the law or the law itself. The Studies do not always cover all issues discussed in a case, but they seek to discuss both the procedural and the substantive issues that form the ‘core’ of the dispute.


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