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The Globalisation of China – Political, Economic and Migration Relations with Europe

7 October 2013

Scientific Coordinators: Giorgia Giovannetti EUI and University Florence and Marco Sanfilippo EUI

China’s growth and its embrace of globalisation have strong implications for various dimensions of global governance, including foreign policy, international organizations, security, economic relations and migration. Regional patterns of interaction are also interesting to observe, distinguishing for instance the modalities and the effects of Chinese relations with developed and developing countries or, as the former are concerned, of relations with the US and Europe. 

The conference will look specifically at the recent features of China-Europe relationships, highlighting both the “Strategic Partnership” with the EU and the bilateral relations with specific countries, including eastern European countries.




Franklin Allen, University of Pennsylvania, United States of America
Giovanni Andornino, University of Turin and T.wai, Italy
Giorgia Giovannetti, EUI and University of Florence, Italy
Brigid Laffan, EUI, Italy
Françoise Lemoine, CEPII, France
Marco Sanfilippo, EUI, Italy
Minghui Shen, National Institute of International Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China
Tiejun Zhang, American Council of International Education Exchanges (CIEE) and School of Public Policy at Zhejiang University, China