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ÉMIGRÉ – European Emigration Governance



Emigration and Diaspora Policies and Discourses in the Post-crisis Era

Project funded by the FP-7 Programme of the European Union, Marie Curie Individual Fellowships

The key objective of the project is to analyse the emigration and diaspora policies implemented at national and EU-level, and how they impact on individual migration strategies of Europeans.

Emigration and immigration are two sides of the same coin and thus European migration governance should be approached from both angles to understand its full dimension. The European Union is a region of emigration, with a majority of migrants moving from one country to another one within its boundaries. However important numbers are also leaving the EU every year. Still, we do not know much about this phenomenon.

ÉMIGRÉ analyses emigration and diaspora policies of four EU Member States (UK, France, Portugal and Poland) as well as EU-level responses to emigration. The projects aims to analyse whether policies and actions of the EU countries support EU nationals in their emigration project.

The key objectives are:

  1. To close the knowledge gap on emigration from the EU.
  2. To enrich international migration governance studies by providing comparative analysis of actions of EU Member States with regards to emigration management.
  3. To determine the relation between State identity formation/shifts and the success of policy learning/policy transfer processes between levels of governance.
  4. To contribute to evidence-based policymaking at the EU level.


ÉMIGRÉ – a survey

The purpose of the survey is to collect data on the experiences of European Union citizens who currently live outside of the EU. The survey is addressed to European emigrants, mobile Europeans and descendants of European emigrants. A big part of the survey concerns the relationship with the European Union, diaspora relations and European identity.

Please feel free to fill in the survey

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French version

ÉMIGRÉ – l’enquête

L’objectif de cette enquête est de récolter des données sur les expériences des citoyens de l’Union Européenne qui vivent actuellement en dehors de l’UE. Cette enquête s’adresse aux émigrés européens, aux Européens mobiles et aux descendants d’émigrés européens. Une grande partie de l’enquête porte sur leurs relations avec l’Union Européenne, sur les relations diasporiques et sur l’identité européenne.

Veuillez remplir répondre à l’enquêté

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The research is being carried out by a Agnieszka Weinar, PhD, Marie Curie Senior Fellow at the European University Institute and Carleton University.



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Agnieszka Weinar

Agnieszka Weinar

Agnieszka Weinar