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DemandAT Study on Trafficking in Domestic Work in Europe: Addressing Demand | Dissemination Workshop

The workshop brought together researchers, international organizations and key stakeholders from different sectors (Trade Unions and Labour Inspection, International NGOs) to discuss the challenges in responding to trafficking in different labour sectors, in particular in addressing demand.

The first day focused on trafficking in the domestic work sector within and beyond Europe. It was an opportunity to discuss the key findings from the study conducted by a EUI research team on the demand-side of trafficking in domestic work. The second day provided a multi-sectoral perspective on the issue of preventing trafficking. The speakers highlighted some promising practices and strategies undertaken to prevent trafficking for labour exploitation.


Programme and Presentations



EUI Times – Article

Behind Closed Doors’, 19 of October 2016


Study on Trafficking in the Domestic Work sector, DemandAT


Interviews with Event’s Speakers


Trafficking in the Domestic Work Sector | Anna Triandafyllidou
Trafficking for Labour Exploitation and the European Response | Roger Plant Chair
Trafficking for Severe Labour Exploitation: Addressing Demand | Klara Skrivankova