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WTO Dispute Settlement System

Academy of Global Governance

5-7 November 2012

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 What Participants Say….

This was one of the most comprehensive seminars I have ever attended with first hand experts sharing from a wealth of first hand acquired expertise.

Johan Vandromme (European External Action Service, China)


A very interesting and enriching experience ina an open and friendly atmosphere.

Jenya Grigorova (Sorbonne University, France)


A well balance high-level seminar for executives. I really recommend it to everybody interested in global governance issues.

 Spiros Economou (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece)


Scientific Coordinator: Petros Mavroidis (EUI and Columbia University) 

This Executive Training Seminar aimed at providing a comprehensive account of the workings of the system in practice. To this effect, speakers with substantial professional expertise from divergent backgrounds focused on the following issues: lawyering before the WTO; the role of economics expertise in WTO litigation; experiences on representing developing countries before the WTO; experiences’ analysis of the EU Commission as litigator before Panels and the Appellate Body; an overview of the first fifteen years of litigation before the WTO.



Deadline: 22 October 2012



William J. Davey | University of Illinois: WTO’s Dispute Settlement System: an Overview of the First 15 Years

Lothar Ehring | European Commission, Directorate General Trade: The Reform of the WTO Dispute Settlement System and the European Union

Thomas Jürgensen | European Commission, Directorate General Trade: The EU and the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism

Niall Meagher | Advisory Centre on WTO Law: Representing Developing Countries before the WTO: the Advisory Centre for WTO Law

Wolf Meier-Ewert | Intellectual Property Division at the WTO: WTO Dispute Settlement in the Context of the TRIPS Agreement

Thomas Prusa | Rutgers University: Economics in WTO Appellate Body Decisions

Michele Ruta | Economic Research Division at the WTO: The Use of Economics in WTO Dispute Settlement

Jasper M. Wauters | King & Spalding LLP: Litigating before the WTO: a Private Attorney’s Experience