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Standard-setting in International Trade

Academy of Global Governance

18-20 February 2013

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What Participants Say….

“Very interactive and informative sessions. Top-notch forum of discussions.”

Enrico De Angelis (Transfer Pricing Associates, Italy and Switzerland)


“Very good programme, excellent mix of academics, practitioners, and policy-makers.”

Marios Iacovides (Uppsala Universit)


“Excellent, good speakers, interesting perspectives”.

Aaron Fowler (Permanent Mission of Canada to WTO)


Scientific Coordinator: Petros C. Mavroidis | European University Institute

The Executive Training Seminar focused on technical barriers to trade (TBT): following a silence of nine years, in 2012, the WTO adjudicated three TBT disputes. A host of world known experts discussed on the political economy of the standardizing process, the impact of standards on international trade, and their legal relevance at the WTO. The aim was to provide a comprehensive discussion of the standardization process (focusing on the political economy of the process before institutions such as the ISO-IEC), and a critical evaluation of the WTO practice in this area.





Marc Bacchetta | WTO: The Economics of International Standards

Robert Howse | New York University: Litigating Standards before the WTO

Axel Marx | University of Leuven: Private Sustainability Standards in International Trade: Types, Trends and Challenges

Walter Mattli | University of Oxford: The Political Economy of International Standards

Stefan Nonneman | European Commission: The Use of Standards in the EU Domestic Market

Grace Perez-Navarro | OECD: The International Tax Rules: Are They Still Fit for Purpose?

Erik Wijkström | WTO: Standards and the WTO

Robert Wolfe | Queen’s University: How Transparency Brings Standards to Life




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