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The Role of Foreign Direct Investments for Development: Legal, Social and Economic Aspects

Academy of Global Governance

23-25 October 2013

What participants say…

“It was a very fruitful experience. A great opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and share opinions and know-how. Stimulating interactions and discussions”.
Mamica Skenderi (South-East European Research Center)

“Excellent. Very good and interesting presentations”.
Javier Biondi (UN World Food Programme)

“Very valuable information and explanation of various aspects of Foreign Direct Investments. I really enjoyed the Executive Training Seminar”.
Arafet Farroukh (Carthage University)


Scientific Coordinators Giorgia Giovannetti and Marco Sanfilippo | EUI

The Executive Training Seminar introduced participants to the role of foreign direct investments (FDI) and of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in terms of economic and social development in poor countries. Particular attention was paid to domestic and international policies ruling the role of MNEs in the host market, to new forms of private-public partnership (PPP) between foreign and domestic enterprises, as well as to issues related to companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the sustainability of foreign investment. The Executive Training Seminar adopted a multidisciplinary perspective offering a combination of presentations, case studies and best practices. Participants bettered their understanding of the channels of transmission of FDI on the local economy and on the society, their regulatory framework and policies maximizing host countries’ attractiveness and competitiveness in order to enhance the long term developmental impact of foreign investments.

From the 21st to the 23rd of October the Academy of Global Governance also organised an Executive Training Seminar on Global Value Chains: Policy Implications and Opportunities (Scientific Organizer: Bernard M. Hoekman). On Wednesday 23rd speakers from both the Executive Training Seminars participated to an Interactive Panel Discussion, and the UNCTAD “World Investment Report” 2013 have been presented.



Richard Adjei | Ghana Investment Promotion Centre: The Role of Foreign Direct Investment for Development: Ghana 1994-2012.

Bruno Casella | UNCTAD: Presentation of the UNCTAD “World Investment Report” 2013

Nicola Coniglio | University of Bari: Economic Enclaves or Bridges to the Global Economy? Foreign Investments and Linkages with the Host Economy.

Lorenzo Cotula | International Institute for Environment and Development: Legal Frameworks for Quality Investment: an Overview of Applicable Law from a Sustainable Development Perspective.

Stephen Gelb | World Trade Institute: Outward Investment from Developing Countries.

Lise Johnson | Columbia University: Foreign Direct Investment in Infrastructure: Key Legal and Policy Issues at the National and International Level.

Adnan Seric | United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Foreign Direct Investments and Industrial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cornis van der Lugt | Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa, Stellenbosch University Business School: The Social Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises Amidst a Scramble for Resources.



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