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Comparing Regional Integration – Latin America

5th edition 

7 – 9 October 2015


After Europe, Latin America is the continent that has seen the most vigorous trend in creating and reproducing regional integration under different labels and schemes.  Interpretation of the meaning of regional integration/regionalism varies widely depending on the stand point of the different actors. This executive training seminar seeks to analyse and discuss divergent/convergent interpretations on the meaning of regional integration/regionalism in Latin America in its different forms (i.e. economic, political, security driven, etc.).

A distinguished group of highly qualified speakers who have had a protagonist role in some of the decisions shaping regional organisations/regionalism in the area came together presenting the multiple perspectives on the issue. Additionally, the executive training offered several training exercises which, based on modern methods and approaches, helped bring to light the functioning of the different regional organisations and some of their institutions. 



Celso Amorim | Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence of Brazil

Francisco Carrión |FLACSO and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ecuador

José Miguel Insulza | Former General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Chile

José A. Sanahuja | Complutense University of Madrid, Spain and European University Institute, Italy

Andrés Serbin | President of the Regional Coordinator of Economic and Social Research and the Venezuelan Institute of Social and Political Studies




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