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Comparing Regional Integration Institutions: America, Africa, and Asia

Academy of Global Governance

2-4 October 2013

What participants say…

“A very intense immersion inside the topics with people with heterogeneous experiences and interests”.

Alessandra Russo (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)

“I think it is a wonderful space to share knowledge and to learn about global issues. It is a rare and powerful instance for developing an informed global approach to regionalism and globalization”.

Enrique Martinez (FLASCO and Universidad de la Empresa)

“The training seminars provided by the Academy of Global Governance are valuable platform of exchanging knowledge, ideas, experiences and establishing contacts”.

Ida Musialkowska (Poznan University of Economics)


Scientific Coordinator Carlos Juan Closa Montero | CSIC and EUI

“Integration” has multiple meanings for different actors in diverse contexts. Whilst the EU has been the pioneer and, usually, the paradigm, actors in other schemes and areas challenge the validity of referring to a “model” either to model their own instruments and/or to evaluate achievements. Rather, the argument is made that integration schemes are ad hoc creations, tailor made to suit specific national realities and international contexts. Thus, the purpose of this Executive Training Seminar was to discuss integration schemes on the basis of their own merits, their own goals and their own achievements. Specifically, it focused on integration in America, Africa, and Asia and the most significant integration schemes in each area.




José Briceño Ruiz | University of the Andes: The New Context of Latin American Regionalism: Regional Dynamics and External Influences

Philippe De Lombaerde | United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies: Monitoring Regional Integration

José E. Durán Lima | United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Carribean (ECLAC): Convergences and Divergences in Latin American Integration: From Deepening Trade and Economic Ties toward Greater Cooperation and Social Cohesion

Amandine Gnanguênon | French Ministry of Defence: Security Regionalism in Africa: a Layered and Complex Architecture

Pek Koon Heng | American University: The “ASEAN Way”: ASEAN and Regional Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region



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