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Climate Governance: Issues and Institutions

Academy of Global Governance

20-22 May 2013


What Participants Say… 

“The Executive Training Seminar on climate governance allowed me to see many elements of the EU climate policy in the perspective of the international effort to address this global challenge.”

Damyana Stoynova (European Commission, DG Climate Action)


“High Quality of the lessons and of the panel. I was looking for new indepth perspectives and I found them.”

Giulio Montemauri (ENEL)


“A well-designed Executive Training Seminar providing a wide range of angles and a high level of expertise.”

Marie Vandendriessche (ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics)


Scientific Coordinator Denny Ellerman | EUI

Climate change is on the policy agenda for most nations and it presents problems unlike those faced in dealing with other policy issues requiring attention. This intensive three-day Executive Training Seminar provided an introduction to the issues raised by climate change and the institutions that have evolved to deal with it. Separate three-hour sessions addressed the scientific underpinnings of climate change and the implications for policy, choosing appropriate policies in a multinational context, the current development of institutions to address climate change concerns, the intersection with trade law, how to allocate the burden equitably on a global scale, and what lessons to draw from the EU ETS.





Barbara Buchner | Climate Policy Initiative: Climate Governance Institutions

Susanne Droege | German Institute for International and Security Affairs: Adjusting at the Border? The Links between Trade and Carbon Flows and What Policymakers Could Do About It

Denny Ellerman | European University Institute: The European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme: A Prototype Global System?

Benito Müller | Oxford University: Burden-Sharing and Global Justice, Illustrated by Way of the Durban Platform

Tim Rayner | University of East Anglia: Adaptation as an Emerging Policy Area

Richard S.J. Tol | University of Sussex and Free University of Amsterdam: Setting Long-Term Targets for Climate Policy



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